Review Sheet

Review Sheet

Agrochemistry and Soil Science



1. Does the topic of the article match the profile of the journal?

2. Type of manuscript: original research paper, review or discussion paper

3. Does the article adhere to the Journal's standards? Is it written in correct English?

4. Is it an original paper? Is the topic treated in a suitable manner and form?

5. Does the title of the paper clearly describe the content of the article?

6. Do the figures or tables give accurate information about the processed data? Are all the figures and tables necessary? Is there any overlapping? Does the text of the paper need to be supplemented or shortened?

7. Do the text, tables and figures give adequate answers to the questions raised?

8. Are the references accurate?

9. Does the abstract reflect the content of the article? Are the content and length of the manuscript appropriate?

10. The article can be accepted for publication:

a) in its present form
b) after minor revision
c) after major revision
d) reject due to poor quality

11. Comments / opinions / recommendations:


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