Department of Soil Mapping and Environmental Informatics

The primary research activities of the department are based on data management and services in the field of environmental informatics and the typically spatial analysis of the data related to environmental resources.The manifold demands on soil related information are sufficed by the integration of self-developed spatial soil information systems, recent soil assessment based on up-to-date survey technology and digital soil mapping methods.Spatial assessment and mapping of natural resources, processes and ecosystem services are carried out by spatial modelling and the elaboration of map based environmental databases.The management and co-ordination of pedological, agrochemical and soil biological data and information collection concerning the environmental state of soils, and their degradation processes are carried out in close co-operation with competent professional organizations. The complex environmental effects of pressures with agricultural origin on soils are investigated with the aid of indication procedures.Special emphasis is laid on the characterization of the ecological state of soils by bio-indication methods in laboratory as well as by an automated field monitoring system based on a recently self-developed sensor.The results of the environmental analysis are published in the frame of internet-based map services, thus

  • supporting both national and international duties on the supply of soil and environment related data,
  • helping the preparation of decision making in the field of agro-environment and rural development,
  • and aiding soil and environmental awareness.
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